Slacks premiered in October of 2015 and is the brainchild of Artistic Director, Jacqueline Korb. Jackie had always loved sitcoms and grew up watching some of the greatest television comedies ever created. She loved the idea of developing her own show and performing it live in front of an audience. She created Slacks and jokingly dubbed it "Seinfeld for lesbians". Three episodes were originally written and performed over a four night run. It was an instant hit with audiences, who frequently asked when the next episodes would be performed.
The show focuses on Korb's character Jackie Klein, a playwright living in Vancouver. Her good friend Taylor (played by Taylor Stutchbury) is an unemployed actor who is also Jackie's roommate. The roommates have another friend Kelly (Leigh Burrows), who lives in the same building and frequently visits.
The character of Amanda Erickson (Alison Lynne Ward) became a regular after guest starring in the third episode. The episode focused on Jackie and Amanda going on a date which ends disastrously after Jackie discovers that Amanda doesn't like The Sound of Music. Amanda eventually moves into the same building as the others and the foursome become friends, with Jackie and Amanda trying desperately to fight their true feelings for one another.
Slacks has now been running at the Havana Theatre for four years. The live sitcom has 12 episodes and in December of 2019, will be premiering its first ever holiday show! The characters have become a popular staple at the Havana Theatre and fans are always excited when new episodes are revealed.

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